南京眼 Nanjing Eye

Nanjing Eye, which is also known as the bridge of Cultural and Sports Park of Youth Olympic Games is the first pedestrian bridge over Yangtze River. It was named after its unique two main towers of the bridge that look like human eyes. The winged cables are like the strings of a harp. When people are walking on the bridge, they will feel like they are the music notes on the strings of harps.

Address: Jianye District Jiangxinzhou Jiajiang pedestrian bridge
Transportation: subway Line 2 or Line 10, Yuantong Station, transfer to tram Line 1 and get off from Jiangshandajie Station
Opening hours: 9am – 9pm
Ticket: Free

鱼嘴湿地公园 Fish Mouth Wetland Park

Fish Mouth Wetland Park is located at the Southern tip of Nanjing Hexi New Town. The observatory was transformed from an abandoned pier. Visitors get to see the river from a near distant hence; it is the best place to appreciate the beautiful riverside landscape. The well grown trees and reeds around the area provides the ideal place for migratory birds. Therefore, many people visit here for birds watching.

Address: Jianye District Yangzijiang Avenue no. 888
Transportation: Tran Line 1, Tianbaojie Station
Ticket: Free

南京云锦博物馆 Cloud Brocade Museum

Nanjing Cloud Brocade Museum was approved as the intangible UNESCO cultural heritage in 2009. It exhibits the fine and sophisticated craftsmanship of weaving the cloud brocade, the quintessence of cloud brocade in Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as the replicas of Chinese ancient silk relics. Visitors may also see the operation of different weaving machines from different ethnicities. Besides, visitors can purchase the souvenirs from the gift shop.

Address: Jianye District Chating East Street no. 240
Transportation: Subway Line 2, Yujinlu Station no. 2 exit
Opening hours: 8am – 6pm
Ticket: Free

Other recommended attractions

奥林匹克体育中心 Olympic Sports Centre

Address : Jianye District Jiangdong Middle Road no. 222
Ticket: NIL


莫愁湖公园 Mochou Lake Park

Address: Jianye District Shuiximen Main Street no. 132
Ticket: 35 Yuan

双子楼 Twin Towers

Address: Jianye District Jinsha Street West Street no. 9
Ticket: NIL


绿博园 Green Expo Park

Address: Jianye District Yangzijiang Avanue no. 288
Ticket: NIL