牛首山文化旅游区 Niushoushan Cultural Park

The whole Niushoushan cultural park was made up of Foding Temple, Foding Pagoda and Foding Palace. Among the buildings, the Foding Palace enshrines the Buddha’s sacred crested relics. The beautifully decorated interior of the palace are rather amazing.

Address: Jiangning District Niushoushan Cultural Park
Ticket: 98 Yuan
Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm

栖霞寺 Qixia Temple

The Qixia Temple was built in the year 489. Stupa is the most famous heritage architecture in the building. It was engraved with the stories of bodhisattvas and buddhism. During every October to December, maple leaves would paint the temple beautifully red and this will attract flocks of visitors to enjoy the picturesque old temple in deep autumn.

Address: Qixia District Qixia Street no. 84
Ticket: 25 Yean (40 Yuan during Oct-Dec)
Opening Hours: 7am - 5pm

桠溪国际慢城 Yaxi International Slow City

Yaxi International Slow City is the first “slow city” in China. The town itself did not have much “touched up” to maintain its original look. Folklore legends, cultural heritage, and pure natural beauty manifest the irresistible Yaxi way of living.

Address: Gaochun District Yaxi International Slow City

汤山温泉度假区 Tangshan Hot Spring

Tangshan Hot Spring is the No. 1 of the China Four Major Spas. It is the only hot spring that has obtained double certification from European & Japanese hot spring water quality. Tangshan got its name because of the hot spring. It was regarded as the “Holy Spring” by the emperor of the Southern Dynasty since more than 1500 years ago and was well-received by the officials and literati.

Address: Jiangning District Tangshan Street
Recommendations: Tangshan Ea-Spring Hot Spring Resort, Kayumanis Nanjing Private Villa & Spa, Nanjing Tangshan Regalia Resort & Spa

Other recommended attractions

高淳老街 Gaochun Old Street

Address : Gaochun District Zhongshan Street
Ticket: NIL


老山国家森林公园 Nanjing Laoshan National Park

Address: Pukou District Laoshan National Park
Ticket: 33 Yuan

阳山碑材 Yangshan Quarry

Address: Jiangning District East suburb Tangshan Town
Ticket: 48 Yuan


幕燕滨江风貌区 Muyan Binjiang Riverside Scenic Area

Address: Muyan Binjiang Riverside Scenic Area
Ticket: NIL