夫子庙大成殿 Fuzimiao Dachengdian
(The Dacheng Hall, Confucius Temple)

Dachengdian (The Dacheng Hall) is the main hall that worships Confucius. It is the heart of the Fuzimiao (Confucius Temple). The Confucius Portrait displayed here is the best place to witness and experience the well-known Confucian culture and Folk culture.
Address: Central Squre of Fuzimiao Qinhuai District
Transportation: Subway Line 3, Fuzimiao Station no 3 exit; Subway Line 1, Sanshanjie Station no 4 exit.
Ticket: 30 Yuan
Opening hours: 9am – 9pm

江南贡院 Jiangnan Gongyuan
(Jiangnan Examination Hall)

Jiangnan Gongyuan (Jiangnan Examination Hall) was built in the year of 1168 (Southern Song Dynasty). It is the largest examination hall of ancient China that could support up to 20,644 candidates. There were some famous and successful Chinese scholars including Tang Bohu and Lin Zexu who were once the examination candidates in here.
Address: Qinhuai District Fuzimiao Jingling Road no. 1
Transportation: Subway Line 3 Fuzimiao Station no. 2 exit.
Ticket: 25 Yuan
Opening hours: 9am – 9pm


瞻园 Zhanyuan Garden

Zhangyuan garden is the only well-preserved and publicly opened 600 years old’s Ming Dynasty's palace. It was once the royal residences for the Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty. The name “Zhanyuan” was calligraphed by the emperor himself.
Address: Qinhuai District Zhanyuan Road no. 128
Transportation: Subway Line 1, Sanshanjie Station no. 4 exit; subway Line 3, Fuzimiao Station no. 3 exit.
Ticket: 30 Yuan
Opening Hours: 8am- 11pm

Other recommended attractions

Li Xiangjun Former Residence Exhibition Hall

Address : Qinhuai District Fuzimiao Dashiba Street no. 150
Ticket: 16 Yuan

乌衣巷 Wuyixiang

Address : Qinhuai District Wuyixiang no. 1
Ticket: NIL


白鹭洲公园 Egret Island Park

Address: Qinhuai District Fuzimiao Bailucun no. 1
Ticket: Day: 60 Yuan
Night: 80 Yuan

甘熙故居 Ganxi Old Residence
(Grand courtyard of the Gan clan)

Address: Qinhuai District Rongzhuang Street Nanbuting no. 19
Ticket: 20 Yuan