Popular Local Restaurants



Nanjing Dapaidang @ Headquarter Pingjiangfu Road
For the first-timer of Nanjing, the unique Nanjing Dapaidang is a must-visit. It serves a wide variety of Huaiyang (淮扬) dishes in the most attractive ways. Nanjing Dapaidang offers authentic local tastes to show Nanjing’s warmest hospitality.
Qinhuai District Dashiba Street (秦淮区大石坝街) No. 48
Subway Line 3, Fuzimiao Station no. 2 exit
Operating hours:
Mon-Fri 11am-2pm; 5pm-11pm
Weekends & Public Holidays 11am-12am
61 Yuan/pax


Lvliuju (The Green Willow Residence) Restaurant

Built since 1912, Lvliuju used to be the high society preferred place to host dinning during the Republic of China’s era. Important people including Sun Yat-sen, Song Meiling, Qi Baishi were among the many distinguished guests. Lvliuju is unique in preparing vegetarian food the non-vegetarian way, and their signature dishes are “Luohan Guanzhai” (罗汉观斋-Stewed mixed vegetables) and “Manfu Jinglun” (满腹经纶- Deep fried seaweeded stuffed beancurd skin).
Qinhuai District Taiping South Road (秦淮区太平南路) no. 248
Subway Line 3, Changfujie Station (常府街站) no. 4 exit
Operating hours:
11am-1.30pm; 5pm-8.30pm
60 Yuan/pax


Maxiangxing Muslim Restaurant

The first and oldest Muslim Restaurant in Nanjing. The restaurant is well-known for its Jiangsu Province Intangible Heritage title due to its high reputation in culinary skills. Their four most popular signature dishes are “Meirengan” (美人肝-duck pancreas), “Fengweixia” (凤尾虾Fried phoenix-tailed prawns), “Danshaomai” (蛋烧卖-Steamed dumplings stuffed with egg), “Songshu Guiyu” (松鼠桂鱼-sweet-and-sour squirrel-shaped fish).
Gulou District Yunnan North Road (鼓楼区云南北路) no. 32
Subway Line 1, Xianwumen Station (玄武门站) no. 4 exit
Operating hours:
11am-1.30pm; 5pm-8.20pm
78 Yuan/pax

Other Recommendations

NameAddressPrice (Yuan/pax)

Minguo Wangshi(民国往事)

Qinhuai District Jiankang Road Maoye World 1st Floor


Qifangge Restaurant (奇芳阁)

Qinhuai District Gongyuan West Street no. 12


En Space (恩空间)

Qinhuai District Saozhou Alley no. 8


Sichuan Xiangtianxia Hotpot (四川香天下火锅)

Xianwu District Taiping North Road no. 66


Waku (瓦库)

Qinhuai District Laomendong History & Cultural Street Area no. 49 (秦淮区老门东历史文化街区中营49号)



Special Snacks

盐水鸭 Salted Duck

Nanjing specialty with over 2,500 years of history. Nanjing salted duck is well-known with its flavourful, white and tender texture. The vacuum packing salted duck is one of the must items as souvenir.
Recommended Shop: Xujia Yazi Shop (徐家鸭子店), Hanfuxing (韩复兴)

鸭血粉丝 Duck Blood Vermicelli

Mainly served with duck parts including blood, intestine, liver etc in duck soup and vermicelli, it is a traditional Nanjing dish that goes very well with cooked rice crusts. It is a must try for every visitor!
Recommended Shop: Yadebao Old Duck Soup Duck Blood Vermicelli (鸭德堡老鸭汤鸭血粉丝), Huiwei Duck Blood Vermicelli Soup (回味鸭血粉丝汤)

汤包 Soup Dumpling

Soup dumpling is one of Nanjing favourite local delicacies. Rich filling with soup wrapped in thin dumpling skin, one should always drink the soup and savour the dumpling to enjoy the wonderful combination of this special dish.
Recommended Shop: Jiming Soup Dumpling (鸡鸣汤包), Yinshi Chicken Soup Dumpling (尹氏鸡汁汤包)

糖芋苗 Taro Seedlings Dessert

Osmanthus Taro Seedlings Dessert (桂花糖芋苗) is a traditional Nanjing dessert. With the soft and tasty taro served in reddish clear soup with osmanthus, its special fragrant will leave you a forever vivid memory in your taste buds.
Recommended Shop:Lanlaoda Tangzhou-ou(蓝老大糖粥藕), Lianhu Gaodian (莲湖糕点)

Other Recommendations


Beef Fried Dumpling

Jiangyouji Fried Dumpling (蒋有记锅贴), Liji Islamic Restaurant (李记清真馆)

Duck Oil Baked Sesame Biscuit (鸭油烧饼)

Zhuji Xiaozheng Crispy Biscuit (朱记小郑酥烧饼)

Plum Blossom Cake (梅花糕)

Fangpo Pastry (芳婆糕点)

Chicken Broth Stewed Beancurd(鸡汁回卤干)

Qifangge Restaurant (奇芳阁)

Skin Belly Noodles (皮肚面)

Yiji Skin Belly Noodles (易记皮肚面)


美食街区 foodie haven

夫子庙美食街 Fuzimiao Food Street

Nanjing Fuzimiao Qinhuai Special Delicacies comes from a long line of history. There are altogether over 80 different types and has always been known as the Four Main Chinese Snacks. Plenty of typical Chinese favourites such as Stinky Beancurd, Sesame Oil Beancurd Shreds, Soup Dumplings are widely available here.
Qinhuai District Fuzimiao Qinhuai Scenic Belt (秦淮区夫子庙秦淮风光带)
Subway Line 1, Sanshanjie Station (三山街站) no. 4 exit, 990m walking distance

明瓦廊美食天堂 Mingwalang Food Haven

Mingwalang is the favourite spot of most food lovers. It is like the well-tolerating Nanjing that takes in everything because all the Chinese favourites are here. No wonder it is known as the food haven to the office workers in that neighbourhood.
Baixia District Mingwalang(白下区明瓦廊) & Sanyuan Alley (三元巷) Intersect
Subway Line 1, Zhangfuyuan Station (张府园站) no. 1 exit, 620m walking distant

狮子桥美食街 Shiziqiao (lion bridge) Food Street

Shiziqiao Food Street is situated along Hunan Road (湖南路) with a total length of 33m and 12-16m wide. It concludes not only Nanjing local dishes, but also other interesting tastes from Yunnan, Fujian as well as other provinces in the Northeast of China, not to mention famous foods from Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea. What more could you ask for from such irresistible food spot?
Baixia District Mingwalang(白下区明瓦廊) & Sanyuan Alley (三元巷) Intersect
Subway Line 1, Xianwumen Station (玄武门站) no. 4 exit, 880m walking distance